The Black Company by Glen Cook

The Black Company by Glen Cook follows an 17706115elite mercenary group through its contracted service with the Lady, a powerful empress of the north. The tale is told in first person through the eyes of Croaker, a medic and higher up within the ranks of the company who also serves as the keeper of the company’s annals.

The novel mixes elements of Epic Fantasy with Darker Fantasy and many point to The Black Company as one of the fathers of modern Grimdark Fantasy.

Part of what makes The Black Company a worthwhile read are the interesting and well developed characters and their relationships with the other members of the company. The character driven fiction is complimented with a fairly tight and swift moving plot that pushed me to care about the overall outcome despite the somewhat lacking setting.

A must read for readers interested in morally ambiguous and character driven fantasy.

BlackStar_400x400BlackStar_400x400BlackStar_400x400BlackStar_400x400 I liked it.




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