Blood Song by Anthony Ryan

13569581Blood Song is Vaelin Al Sorna’s tale as he learns the craft of war from the warriors of the sixth order order of the faith. He forges friendships and overcomes huge obstacles as he becomes a proficient warrior of the faith and a servant of the tyrannical and deceptive King Janus. Over the course of the novel, the story progresses from when Vaelin was left at the gates of the sixth order house at a very young age until many years later when Vaelin is waging wars on the realm’s enemies.

Along the way Vaelin overcomes tragic loss, romance, war, and tries to hunt the master manipulating the strings. Blood Song immersed me in Vaelin’s tale from start to finish and left me utterly yearning for more. There are few books that can have such a strong pull on me as Blood Song has had. I am not usually one to reread a book once finished, but for Blood Song I will make an exception.

What made Blood Song such a phenomenal read for me was a couple of different items. I was first and foremost captured by the writing. I’d not heard of Anthony Ryan before this novel but his craft with the pen exceeded my expectations. I thoroughly enjoyed the way the story flowed and the story had such depth that I felt fully invested in the outcomes. The worldbuilding was another unique strength for this tale. The history is very well fleshed out in the story and culture plays an important role in the society of the realm. Anthony Ryan uses his background in history to create a living breathing world that added a special dimension to the good characters and story. With all the good pieces in place, I can easily say that this is one of my favorite all time fantasy novels.

Recommended for all readers of fantasy. I would specifically recommend this for lovers of Epic and Grimdark fantasy and possibly even Military fantasy fans.

BlackStar_400x400BlackStar_400x400BlackStar_400x400BlackStar_400x400BlackStar_400x400 I loved it!


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