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I’ve been sort of taking a break from Grimdark here lately. I’m sure many of you have noticed the dip in postings over the last several months as well as my attempts to revamp the site and the way I review books. For those of you that enjoy the content I put out, I really appreciate you and your support.

I’m still reading copious amounts of fantasy, but it hasn’t really been Grimdark. I’ve been using The Grimdark Review as a sort of niche Grimdark site but I noticed I’ve started to turn away from reading and posting Grimdark fantasy and turned more to Epic fantasy and other types in the same genre. I love fantasy and I will never be tired of the genre, just need some high fantasy with the Grimdark every once in a while.

So, I decided a place for all those other books to land was in order. A place where I can post about the latest Star Wars novel I’ve read or high fantasy novel or sci-fi tome. I don’t want to blow up The Grimdark Review with a lot of random books in the genre as that wouldn’t really make it The Grimdark Review, feel me?

So I created Deviant Worlds, a catch all site for fantasy news, interviews, science fiction novels, Star Wars, contests, a little bit of everything. I want to post more frequently and don’t want to fall out of touch with the blog. Deviant Worlds will be updated regularly and I hope you will join me over there as well. The Grimdark Review will live on, but I need a break from the grim darkness in favor of some of the other great stories out there.

You can check out Deviant Worlds at

Feel free to follow and I hope to see you all there!


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